At Cyden Homes we work hard to provide homes and a service that we are proud of. However, sometimes things go wrong and, where appropriate, we want to ensure any concerns are addressed.

We always aim to respond in a prompt and fair manner and we will work hard to resolve any issues in line with the appropriate standards and codes.


Step 1 – Contact Our Team If You Have An Issue – We Are Here To Help

If you have reserved your new home but have yet to complete the purchase and have a problem, question or you are dissatisfied with the service we have provided please raise your concern with your New Homes Advisor on your chosen development. We find that most issues can be resolved quickly and with the minimum fuss.

Should you have already discussed your issue with your New Homes Advisor and the matter has not been resolved you can ask for the issue to be escalated to either our Customer Care Team or the Sales Manager for your area.

If you have already moved into your new home and have a problem, question or are dissatisfied and have not reported the issue before please contact your Customer Care representative for your area (contact details are provided in your Homeowners Manual). Our team will raise a Service Request and, again, we normally find that most issues can be resolved promptly and straightforwardly by our Customer Care Team in line with the terms of your warranty cover.

Should our Customer Care representative be unable to resolve the matter you can ask for the matter to be escalated to our Customer Experience Manager.

If you have a complaint, we do ask you to let us know so that we may have the opportunity to investigate and resolve the issue for you. Our Customer Care Team are best placed to help you should you have any concerns related to your new home and can usually do so in a prompt manner.


Step 2 – What happens if I am not satisfied that an issue has been resolved?

If you are not satisfied that an issue has been resolved or handled satisfactorily, using Step 1 (above), you may wish to make a Formal Complaint. To do this:

Write to (or email) Cyden Homes, marked ‘For The Attention Of The Quality Manager’, providing as much detail as possible and stating that you wish to raise a ‘Formal Complaint’:

  • Cyden Homes Ltd, Unit 1, Laceby Business Park, Grimsby Road, Laceby, N.E. Lincolnshire, DN37 7DP

Having received your Formal Complaint:

  • Your Formal Complaint will be acknowledged within 5 days from the first business day after it is received.
  • We will investigate the matter and respond to you within 20 working days of the Formal Complaint being made. At this time, we may inform you of our findings (including any steps taken to resolve the issue, or alternatively, provide details of any further investigation works required and the timescales for them. We will provide regular updates on any timescales (and no later than 28 days intervals) until we consider the matter resolved.

Step 3 – What happens if we have not been able to resolve your complaint?

If we have been unable to resolve your Formal Complaint you can, under certain circumstances, refer the matter to either:

  • Your warranty provider (i.e. LABC or NHBC) under their claims and dispute resolution service. Please refer to your home warranty policy or warranty provider’s website for further details
  • The Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme. Please refer to your copy of the Consumer Code For Home Builders or their website for further details.

Your Legal Rights

Please note that using the Cyden Homes Complaints Procedure, or the Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme, does not affect your normal legal rights.

Please remember that we work hard to build your new home and we are very keen that any issues are resolved both fairly and promptly.