Why Buy A New Build?

With the variety of homes available on the market making the choice between a new home and second-hand one can seem daunting. So why buy new?

Why buy a new build? | Cyden Homes

It’s entirely new!

It’s often the main reason people choose a new home – No one will have ever lived in your home before you. 

In many cases you will be able to choose those finishing touches, such as the wall and floor tiles, the kitchen, the wardrobes and the carpets. What’s more (subject to build stage) you may be able to include various extras, such as additional power points, internal or external lighting and even things such as additional patios/paving so you really can tailor your home to your needs. 

New inside and out

Our homes also come with brand new appliances as standard – Included as standard are ovens, hobs and other goods from well-known high-street manufacturers. Depending on the housetype or development other appliances such as integrated dishwashers, fridges and wine-coolers may be included.* 

Compare this to a second-hand home where you’ll be living with someone else’s choices, their DIY and possibly having the extra expense of buying new appliances, boilers, etc when you move in.

*Please refer to the latest specification for your chosen development.

Simpler Chain

It can often be the case that with no ‘up chain’ your moving process can be easier.

With less people in the chain things can move smoother and there is less opportunity for someone in your chain to change their mind and decide they don’t want to move after all.

Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs

Your new build home will be built in line with modern construction techniques and when you move in both it and everything inside will be brand new – So you won’t have to budget for any major repairs or replacements.

What’s more with upvc windows, soffits and facias, along with high-specification external doors, there will be minimal maintenance allowing you more time to enjoy the other things in life.

Lower Energy Bills & Better Energy Efficiency

With increasing energy bills, you can often find a significant saving with a new home even compared to one built only ten years ago.

Our homes are designed and built to strict regulations which means potentially lower heating costs and a better carbon footprint.

Safety and Security

With our homes a security system comes as standard and some even include an alarm system you can link to your mobile phone.*

Our external doors and windows feature multi point locking systems that comply with the latest fire and security regulations so you can have additional peace of mind. 

Smoke alarms are fitted as standard and where two or more are installed they will be ‘inter-linked’ so in the event one sounds all will do.  

*Please refer to the specification on your chosen development.

No DIY – Move in Ready

For many this is a big one – You can move in with a minimal amount of work.  

There will be no painting over other peoples’ colour schemes, fixing someone else’s DIY or having to fit a new bathroom. 

Overall, you could find you have more time to do those things you really want to do.


Our homes come with a two-year Cyden Homes warranty which covers you for most eventualities. 

In addition, you will have an independent insurance backed warranty for ten years which covers the structural elements of your home.

It’s a big positive when compared to buying second hand.

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