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New Build Bathrooms, En Suites And Cloakrooms

Your shower and bath have heat restrictors to prevent the risk of scalding. The shower restrictor can be increased by pressing the button on the temperature control and turning. The heat restrictor to baths cannot be adjusted by the homeowner (or Cyden Homes) and are pre-set.

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Toilets are not suitable for wet wipes to be flushed, even if they state they are toilet friendly. Sewer pipes and pumping stations are often blocked by wet wipes causing drainage issues for residents and this can be easily avoided.

Toilet blocks should not be placed into the toilet cistern (tank) as they can cause damage to the cistern lid securing mechanism and to the seals within it. The cisterns in modern toilets are not designed for the use of such toilet blocks.


Basin ‘pop-up’ plugs are operated by pushing down the plug to close and by use of the lever (to the back of the tap) to drain. Please do not use the lever to push the plug into place as the mechanism may be strained and damaged.

Extractor Fans

Each extractor fan has its own isolator switch which will have been shown to you at the Home Demonstration. Please keep the extractor fans turned on to enable any moisture to be removed from the room.

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