External Wood Pillars and Posts

On some of our homes, our design includes solid timber external pillars, beams and/or porches. As these are a natural products and made of solid timber there will be some natural splitting and cracking of the surface. This is a characteristic of natural wood and is not a defect. It does not affect the structural stability of the timber.

Additional advice on how to maintain natural wood pillars and posts is available in your Homeowner’s Manual or can be obtained from your local decoration or DIY centre.

On Legal Completion, woodwork will be treated (where appropriate), and where applicable have a consistent decorative finish. Cyden will repair cracks, splits or separations if reported on Legal Completion and as appropriate. Note some minor cracking is expected (and is a feature) of large timber sections such as porch supports or beams. This will not be attended to unless there is a structural issue.

Minor cracks, splits, separations, and warping may occur during the drying out period of the home (normally up to two years). After approximately 2 years, we recommend that you re-treat the timbers with a proprietary water-based decontamination and protection agent. When properly applied, this can protect the wood for several years. Please visit your local hardware store for advice. Lack of maintenance may increase natural surface cracking and affect the durability of the timber, which could cause structural problems, for which Cyden Homes cannot be held responsible.