Floors and Stairs

Floors and stairs will be structurally sound. In newly constructed houses creaks to floors and stairs are often temporary and a creak-proof floor or stairway cannot be guaranteed. Creaking floors and stairs will be corrected during the warranty period and only if they are found to be excessive following an inspection by Cyden Homes.

The homeowner should take care to ensure that their carpet fitters do not loosen treads or risers and that appropriate fixings are used to secure gripper rods. You should instruct your fitter to screw the gripper bars to the treads as failure to do this may result in creaking stairs. Cyden will repair floors only if undulations exceed the warranty supplier’s standards.


Ceramic Floor Tiling

Tiled floors will be securely fixed and will have a clean surface. Grout will be free from excessive cracking. Cyden will repair excessive cracking where it is likely to affect performance of the floor. Cyden cannot be held responsible for minor colour variations in grout. Exact colour matches cannot be guaranteed in replacement tiles due to differences in manufacturing batch codes.

Maintenance and cleaning are the responsibility of the homeowner. Minor cracking of the grout may occur due to shrinkage and drying out.