Warranty Information

Two-Year Cyden Homes Warranty

Whilst every care is taken in the construction of your new home issues do sometimes occur.

Your home is covered by Cyden Homes’ Two-Year warranty which means that should a problem arise due to poor workmanship, and is identified during Handover, we will attend and put the issue right for you. Additional guidance may also be sought from the LABC or NHBC.

Please note that the warranty does not cover accident or storm damage or works undertaken by your own contractors (i.e., if you employed your own electrician to install light fittings and there was subsequently a problem). In the event that Cyden Homes attend in such circumstances we will be unable to undertake any works and the visit will incur a charge.

Please also note that many issues can be avoided by properly following the advice regarding ‘Condensation’ and how to properly condition your home.

Ten-Year Structural Warranty – LABC Or NHBC Backed

For peace of mind, your home is also warrantied against structural defect for 10 years, from the time it was built, through your warranty provider – Which is normally the LABC or NHBC.

Should you have any concerns within the warranty period about potential structural defects, please contact our Customer Care Team in the first instance. 

Boiler and Central Heating Warranty and Servicing Obligation

The boiler in your home has a two-year warranty. Please be aware that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure it (along with the central heating system including any cylinders installed) are serviced every 12 months. Remember to ask your service engineer to complete the service booklet provided with your home.  If the boiler is not serviced annually the warranty will be voided.

Appliances – Warranties

The appliances in your home have a warranty period of two years from your date of occupation provided that you register your ownership of the property with the warranty provider on the forms handed over. The information you require to register the appliances will normally be found on a rating plate inside your appliance or, if in doubt, refer to your appliance Manual.

Burglar Alarm

If we have fitted a burglar alarm as part of your standard specification then you are entitled to a visit from the alarm provider who will commission the system, show you how to operate it and, above all, show you how to change the alarm pass code to your own personal preference.

Please contact your alarm installer to arrange an appointment for their representative to visit you.

Please keep the alarm instruction leaflet in this folder for your future reference.

At the meeting with the representative, they will recommend that you take out a maintenance contract for the alarm system and we would strongly support this for your future safety and security.

Alarm contact details: Eclipse Alarms 07892 712952

Former Show Homes

Please note that former show homes are bought on a “sold as seen” basis. You will also note that the warranty certificate on such homes commences from the time the home was first completed for use as a show home as opposed to the time the new owner legally completes on the home. Cyden Homes is not responsible for redecorating such homes or returning them to an ‘as new’ condition before or after sale.