Service Connections

Cyden Homes have agreements in place on all developments to provide gas, water, electricity, and telecoms via specific providers.

The provider’s information is enclosed within your Homeowner’s Manual. If you experience any issues with the services provided you should call their Customer Services Department in the guides provided.

You should keep your copy of the Handover (Legal Completion) form as this is where you can find your date of Legal Completion, meter numbers and readings.

Services to your home are provided by:
(contact 0333 202 9802)
(contact 0345 7919155)

Please note that meters and meter housings are owned by the service providers and any damage or problems associated with them should be reported directly to the service provider.

Cyden Homes will advise the service providers of the meter readings and meter numbers as they were on the date of Legal Completion.

You are not obliged to remain with the service provider we have used to supply your services.

The first bill which you receive is often intended for Cyden Homes. Should this be the case please bring this to our Sales Office on your development.

Within some developments, in some areas, footpaths have been omitted as is the accepted practice so that additional space can be provided for the road and landscaping. In such areas an area to the side of the shared road/footpath (usually 2m or 6’ 6” wide) is known as a “service strip”. Beneath the strip (at a depth of approximately 300mm) are the domestic service ducts for gas, water, and electricity. Fencing, large plants and other obstructions should not be placed in this area. Service strips may also be found adjacent to some traditional footpaths on some developments. Please note that even where the service strip is adjacent to your garden the service strip is not, usually, in your ownership.