Wall and Ceiling Finishes

On Legal Completion, no shrinkage, cracking or nail pops should be evident. Decorated surfaces will be free of obvious runs and colour variations. If reported at Legal Completion, Cyden will correct and touch up decorated surfaces not meeting the appropriate standard, (when viewed from a distance of 2m under natural light). Cyden cannot be held responsible for minor colour variation in painted surfaces.

Maintenance work and touch ups are the responsibility of the homeowner including nail pops and minor shrinkage cracking. Cracking occurs naturally during the drying out process within the home, and can take place immediately and up to several years after occupation. Such cracks will often be visible at plasterboard junctions, on render or around brick and blockwork. Normal shrinkage is natural and is the responsibility of the owner to fill and redecorate as and when required. If you believe the cracking to be “excessive” (see your warranty-holders’ guidelines on this) Cyden will inspect and assess it. We recommend that redecoration if required should be carried out once the property has completed the drying out process, or no sooner than 9-12 months.

Wall Tiles

Tiles will be securely fixed. The surface will be clean and free from cracking. Damaged tiles reported at Legal Completion will be replaced and any grouting which has cracked excessively will be replaced. Exact colour matches cannot be guaranteed in replacement tiles or grout due to differences in manufacturing batch codes.

Cracking of grout may occur due to normal drying out and shrinkage and needs to be addressed as part of your routine maintenance. Discolouration of grout (i.e., yellowing) is caused by soap/ shampoos/shower gels and/ or failure to dry the shower or bath area adequately. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to
ensure the room is adequately
cleaned and dried/ventilated.