How to settle a cat into a new home

Moving house with a cat

Moving properties is an incredibly exciting time for your family, but it can also take a little while for you to settle in and make it feel like your home.

For our pets, that transition can be even more confusing, and it is vital that you are taking steps to help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

We know how tough it can be. So if you are wondering how to settle a cat into a new home, we have taken a closer look at our top tips to help you.

Select a room as their base

When it comes to knowing how to settle a cat into a new home, one of the first things that you should do is establish a specific room to act as their base.

If possible, this should be a spare room that is not currently in use, but failing that, then a room that is not used as frequently.

If your cat is shy, then sitting with them regularly as they get used to their new home can help them to settle more quickly.

Allow them to hide

Another crucial step when it comes to understanding how to settle a cat into a new home is to give them a space to hide.

Whether that be under a bed or inside a specific box that you place out, giving them a warm and cosy area that they can hide away in will help them to feel safer and more secure.

Ensure the space has everything they need

When it comes to settling your cat into your new home, you want to ensure that the space that you create for them has everything that they will need.

From essential items such as a litter tray and feeding area to water and food bowls, make sure that they have everything they need within easy reach. 

Adding a scratching post can also help to make them feel more at home. These posts not only help them to maintain their claws, but it also allows them to deposit familiar scents that will help them to feel more relaxed. 

Use a pheromone diffuser

If you are finding that your cat is still struggling to settle into your new home, then you should consider using a pheromone diffuser.

Plugging into your wall socket, these diffusers work by emitting a synthetic pheromone that is similar to the one your cat naturally emits. Installing this diffuser before your cat arrives will help your cat to feel more relaxed and safer. 

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