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How to settle a dog into a new home

Dog in a new home | Cyden Homes

Moving house with a dog

Moving house is stressful enough for us humans, so imagine what it’s like for your dog. So we have the best tips and advice on how to settle a dog into a new home and keep your pooch happy!

Dogs are creatures of habit, and so amidst the chaos of packing up your old home and unpacking in the new one, they can become very unsettled and reactive.

There are steps you can take to minimise the impact, and ensure your pooch settles into their new home gently.

Routines are important

Dogs are creatures of habit and a disruption to their usual routine can have a big impact.

Wherever possible, try and keep to your normal routine, even when moving. Take your walks at the same time each day, and always feed them at the same time as well.

As soon as you move into your new home, keep the schedule going. This might mean stopping in the middle of unpacking to go on a walk or sort out dinner, but it is so important for your dog to feel safe and comfortable.

how to settle a dog into a new home | Cyden Homes

Burn off excess energy

A dog with too much energy can quickly become a stressed and anxious dog. However, a tired dog is generally a more relaxed dog, so that’s what you need to be aiming for.

Try and fit in some additional exercise while you are moving house, such as a longer walk, or a few extra rounds of fetch in the garden. It’s important for you to take a break from all the packing and unpacking too so use this time wisely.

Getting outside in your new home is also great for familiarising your dog to their new surroundings. There’s going to be lots of new sights, sounds and smells for them to explore, so make sure you give them plenty of time in the fresh air to explore.

Pack Your Doggy Essentials Separately


Ever heard the tip to pack your kettle last so it’s the first thing you unpack in your new home? Well, that’s great advice for your dog as well!

When packing up your old house, pack your dog’s things at the last minute. This way, they won’t be feeling strange when their bed or toys are no longer around.

Once you are in your new home, unpack your doggy boxes first and set up a comfy space for your pooch.

This should be somewhere out of the way of your foot traffic of people coming and going, but still somewhere they can keep an eye on things. The corner of a room, on the landing, or under the stairs are good choices.

It doesn’t have to be your dog’s permanent spot, but for now should include all of their own things, like their bed, toys, blankets, and maybe a few treats!

It might be tempting to get a new dog bed or blanket when you move, but it’s best to keep their old things for now. The familiar scents will help them to adjust.

Settle a dog into a new home | Cyden Homes

Stay in and settle

Once you have moved in, try not to go anywhere for a few days! For many, the idea of going anywhere after moving house seems laughable, but even going straight back out to work or spending a weekend seeing the sights of your new location can be distressing for your dog.

Spend a few days at home, ensuring you keep to your routine, and let your dog adjust slowly. This gives them the time they need to familiarise themselves with the surroundings, and get used to the new noises and smells of the new house.

After a couple of days you can start leaving the house a little at a time. Maybe just pop down the road and back at first. This will ease your dog into the new ‘normal’ and you can build up to longer periods away.

settling a dog | Cyden Homes

Anti Anxiety Aids

If your dog is really struggling with the stress of moving, you can ask your vet for advice about anti anxiety aids. They can prescribe certain medications that may be able to help.

You could also look into alternative methods such as calming collars, plug-ins, and even pet playlists on music streaming sites!

New home with a dog | Cyden Homes


If your dog is not already microchipped, make sure you get it done before you move.

Nervous dogs can bolt if startled and if they run away in unfamiliar surroundings, they can quickly become lost and frightened.

Also make sure your dog has a collar with your phone number on it. You don’t need to put your new address on it, or their name. Just ensure whoever finds your dog can contact you easily should the worst happen and they make an escape while you’re moving.

how to settle a dog into your new home | Cyden Homes
Cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles!

One of the most important things to remember when moving house with a dog is to ramp up the attention they get. Don’t be afraid to give them lots of extra fuss and attention.

In the hustle and bustle of moving house, it’s easy to get caught up in your To Do list, but make time for fusses and belly scratches to help your pup feel noticed and secure.

Games are a good way to get them used to new surroundings, so make time for a game of ball in the garden or hide a few treats around the house for them to find. If you make it fun, they will start to settle without even realising it.

Settle a puppy into a new home | Cyden Homes
Now you know how to settle a dog into a new home!

There’s no quick win when it comes to settling your dog into a new home. If you rush it, you’re more likely to cause upset and distress to your furry friend and leave them feeling anxious in their new surroundings.

Take it one step at a time and allow them to go at their own pace. Some dogs will adjust far quicker than others, while some will take quite a while for the new place to feel like home.

Be patient, and just remember to give lots of fuss and cuddles when they need it, and soon you’ll have a happy pup bouncing around your lovely new home!

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