Instructing a solicitor or conveyancer for house purchase

How to purchase a new home

Purchasing your new build home is a pretty straight forward process once you get to grips with the different stages, but how quickly you act in the first instance can really make a difference.

When you purchase a new build home, you take part in a reservation appointment. This appointment secures your plot for sale and details the terms of agreement.

Straight after this appointment it is always recommended that you instruct a solicitor or conveyancer within the first 48 hours of the reservation appointment to get the ball rolling.

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What is the difference between a solicitor and conveyancer for a home purchase?

What is a home buyers solicitor?

A home buyers solicitor is often trained in more than just conveyancing or ‘the process of buying and selling houses’. Solicitors require years of professional legal training in order to gain their status. Solicitors are also required to practice as members of The Law Society in the UK.

What is a conveyancer?

A conveyancer is trained in just the sale and purchase of homes and commercial businesses. While a solicitor is likely trained in many fields, a conveyor receives detailed training in only the legal aspects of the sale and purchase of domestic and commercial properties. For this reason, a conveyor can be slightly less expensive than instructing a solicitor. However if you sale is more difficult or you need additional terms adding into your contract, you might need to seek the expertise of a qualified solicitor.

Choosing the right solicitor or conveyancer for your new home purchase is essential to how quickly and smoothly your purchase can go. While there are a multitude of choices onlines, it is always recommended to use a local and reputable firm. You often need to drop in documents and provide proof of identity which is much more easy to complete in person.

Choosing between and solicitor or conveyancer is down to personal choice, there is no wrong or right answer. Often home buyers or sellers use a solicitor as they have a personal rapport with them or have trust in the firm due to using them for other legal services but both will be able to fulfil the purchase process effectively. Both conveyors and solicitors are regulated by different bodies to carry out legal duties and act on your behalf. But don’t just be swayed by lower costs, while they can both do the same thing, always check their background and look at reviews before instructing someone new.


If you’re unsure who to instruct, Cyden Homes can make person recommendations.

What will a solicitor or conveyancer do?

During the home buying process your chosen solicitor or conveyancer will undertake the legal formalities of your purchase and act on your behalf for:

  • Land Registry checks
  • Undertaking local authority and other searches
  • Checking and approving the contract of sale
  • Explaining the contract document and your liabilities
  • Dealing with your mortgage company (if required)

It is your solicitor or conveyancers roll to ensure you’re fully aware of the purchase you’re making and any terms of the sale. They will also help you fully understand all of the documents before you sign to make sure you go into your new home purchase with your eyes wide open!