Questions to ask when visiting a show home

Questions to ask when visiting a show home | Cyden Homes

What should I ask when I view a show home?

Viewing a show home isn’t quite the same as viewing a potential new purchase which is already owned by someone else.

When viewing a “used” home, you might want to know about any changes to the structure, the age and history, information on the central heating system and what the neighbours are like!

When visiting a show home, this is different as everything you see is going to be brand new and might not look entirely like the home you end up reserving.

What is a showhome?

A showhome is a storefront for the development company. Much like visiting a clothing store to make a purchase, a showhome is an opportunity to showcase the quality of the build, the size and the general layout.

A showhome is also a great way of getting new ideas for your home as it will be completely kitted out with all the furniture you would expect to see in a lived in home. As a new build is a blank canvas, it is sometimes hard to picture how a bed might fit in alongside wardboards or how to style your dining area.

These show homes are put together to demonstrate the flow of the house and can illustrate how your finalised build could look.

Top questions to ask when visiting a show home

The property

A lot of our questions listed are what you need to be asking yourself as you venture around the show home, but others are what you can ask our dedicated sales representative while on site:

  1. Do the fixtures and fittings look good quality?
  2. Is what you are seeing included in the price you’re paying or an “extra”?
  3. How long is the guarantee on fixtures and fittings?
  4. What warranty does the build have?
  5. Can I extend the home in the future?
  6. Will more new homes be built on the development after you move in, if so, where?
  7. Is parking provided on the development and included in the price?
  8. Is the property available on the Help to Buy Scheme?


The neighbourhood
  1. How close are we to the local shops and amenities?
  2. Where is the nearest school?
  3. Where is the nearest transport link and where does this go?
  4. Is there somewhere for your children to play safely?
  5. Is your home near bars and restaurants?
  6. Are there crime or accident blackspots close by?
  7. How busy is the main road?
Buying incentives

For these questions, you can ask if the properties at this development come with any buying incentives or deals.

Cyden Homes operate a weekly “home of the week“, in which we incentasive the sale on a chosen property on a weekly basis. Often these incentives include upgraded carpets, monetary contributions to legal or moving fees or even money off the sale price.

We cannot guarantee which homes this will be available on, but it’s always good to check with us or another developer if there is anything on offer at the time!

Do your homework

While Cyden Homes are clued up on the local area, you might not obtain the same local expertise from other agents, so we always encourage you to do your homework.

Explore the local area by taking a drive and walk around, have a drink in the local and sample the food in your local eateries. Afterall, if this is going to be your home for the foreseeable you need to make sure it ticks all of your boxes!

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