What type of heating is used in new builds?

Heating your Cyden new build home

What type of heating is used in new builds? Most of Cyden’s new homes come with a gas-powered central heating system.

The technology is well established, and it provides a reliable source of heating as well as other benefits such as fuel efficiency and potential health benefits.

What are the benefits of gas central heating?

Reduce Your Energy Bills

When used properly (advice can be found both in our Homeowners Manual and online) gas central heating can provide cost savings when compared to other fuel sources such as electric, oil and solid fuels.

With the insulation and double glazing which comes with a new build home you should also find that heat is retained better than in an older property.

You could also find, that compared to your old home, that the gas boiler in your new Cyden home costs less to run as boiler efficiency has improved significantly even compared to one manufactured only ten years ago.

Lower Your Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Whilst gas is still a ‘fossil fuel’ by using gas central heating you are none-the-less potentially reducing your carbon dioxide emissions.

Compared to other forms of heating such as oil, gas is more environmentally friendly and generally a much cleaner form of energy – Gas central heating biproducts tend to be only water and carbon dioxide.

As a consequence, you will usually find that a gas boiler has much lower maintenance requirements than other fuel sources.

Gas Central Heating Is Better For Your Health

You might be wondering how certain types of heating are better for your health? It is suggested that central heating systems can help to prevent certain health problems such as asthma, hypothermia, bronchitis and more.

As well as protecting your own health, it also protects the health of your household belongings. Central heating reduces condensation and mould which can often be found with other heating systems, such as storage heaters, found in older homes.

Control Your Heating

With a new build home, you will find they are normally built with ‘zoned heating’ controls which allows you to control the heating requirements within different areas of your home.

Working along with thermostatic radiator valves in most rooms this allows a huge degree of control on individual room temperatures and timings.

While some older homes can have this technology installed retrospectively it will be adding to older equipment which is unlikely to provide the same level of heating control or the same benefits.

A More Convenient Solution

When your home is equipped with gas central heating, the gas is supplied straight to your home. When using other forms of heating, you have added worries of running out of oil, needing to place a big order (and a big cost all in one go) or losing garden space by having an oil tank.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing all of the benefits of gas central heating will allow you to move into your new build home with the peace of mind that you’re potentially lowering household costs whilst protecting yourself and your belongings. What is more, compared to other fuel types, gas is a cleaner energy source.

With our modern gas central heating you won’t need to worry about waiting for your home to heat up when you wake up on a cold winter morning, instead, you’ll be able to drift back to sleep knowing you have a reliable and easily controlled heating source.

what type of heating is used in new builds | Cyden Homes
Why isn’t Cyden using renewable energy in their new homes?

While Cyden Homes would love to supply every new build with solar panels and renewable heating systems such as air source heat pumps, there is still a large number of people who are not yet ready to convert to this.

Many new home owners do not like the look of solar panels on their brand new home roof, while others prefer to rely on tried and tested heating solutions.

Currently, gas central heating is still the most popular form of heating homes in the UK, and is likely to continue that way.

Many new boilers are coming “hydrogen ready”. Or can at least be upgraded to hydrogen when that technology becomes available, which will make them even more eco-friendly in the future.

Gas central heating is reliable and new boilers will likely last the longevity of your home ownership so they continue to be the most popular choice for now.